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546 Sargent Avenue    Location Map

Costa Rica.

Location: SE corner Sargent & McMicken; West Face

Occupant: Automotive Source of Canada (formerly Paradise Travel)

District: West End

Neighbourhood: Spence

Artist(s): Mandy van Leeuwen, Jennifer Johnson Pollock

Year: 2003

Sponsors: West End BIZ, Neighbourhoods Alive! (Manitoba), Take Pride Winnipeg!


Mandy van Leeuwen: "This is an image of Costa Rica. We had a lot of people in the area stop and say that it reminded them of home. The idea of doing water was exciting and having a real wet feeling about the wall. It's tropical scene and we made a great big macaw; a fun twist of the whole colour scheme. We just wanted to have a peaceful scene so you don't see a lot happening here. That's a whole idea of travel, to relax. We had some photos given to us, and some we found of Costa Rica, but the scene itself is a composite. There is a volcanic mountain in the background. The wall was stucco, so it's very hard to work on when it comes to achieving the detailing. It was very hot working here. I really liked working on Sargent Avenue; the people there were really funny and really involved in what's going on around them."

Jennifer Johnson Pollock: "This is one of my favourites. It's unique, and it's simple. I really like this one because of the contrast in colours: the Caribbean blue-green ocean, the deep blue sky, the gold beach, and the huge red macaw. There are different textures in there, from the water, the soft blue sky, to the branch the bird is on. This was hard because it was stucco. That was a challenge but I'm quite happy with the way it turned out! It's so vibrant; not too busy, calm and relaxed. It makes you want to be there! In a way that's the point of it because it's on the side of a travel agency. We camouflaged the drain pipe. We had one gentleman come up and tell us he used to have one of those birds as a pet. His face was lit up because it reminded him of positive childhood memories."

Mandy: "We hired a really good friend to apply the graffiti coat. The problem was due to the hot weather, it went on milky and dried that way, but it certainly wasn't her fault. I went back and repainted the scene in only two days."