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187 Garry Street (4)    Location Map

In 2003, this acknowledgement of Charlie Chaplin was added to the balcony over the hotel entrance in honour of the Windsor's 100th anniversary.

Location: E side, Front (West) Face; (balcony over entrance)

Occupant: Windsor Hotel

District: City Centre

Neighbourhood: South Portage

Artist(s): Mandy van Leeuwen, Jennifer Johnson Pollock

Year: 2003


Mandy van Leeuwen: "We painted French doors onto crezone panels to cover the plywood that was there where there was once a door. Originally it was a wooden balcony that was there but it was getting old and weaker so it was replaced with what you see now. Charlie Chaplin is 8 feet tall and is built on a stand so that he is there year round. It's to remind people of the presence of Charlie Chaplin who stayed there years ago, and the feeling that he might be there now! They installed nighttime lighting on him, so you can see him now when you come by at night. The image of Charlie that you see is from an old black-and-white photo reference. We didn't even consider colourizing it because he is from the black-and-white era."