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611 Rue Archibald    Location Map

15 feet x 37 feet- exterior latex.
July 7-August 4, 2015.

Location: NE corner Archibald & Marion; South Face (Visible from Marion)

Occupant: Chalet Hotel

District: St. Boniface

Neighbourhood: Dufresne

Artist(s): Sarah Collard (Collard Creations), Sonja Wiebe, Manny Wiebe

Year: 2015

Sponsors: Brown-Forman Canada


Sarah Collard: "Early in the year, Tracey Carrick of Brown-Forman Canada approached me about painting a Mural in Winnipeg to promote the Jack Daniel's brand and appeal to a younger audience. JD is a very popular brand in the United States and the company wanted to increase awareness of their label in Canada through Murals. Winnipeg is a place which is brimming with musical interests and an interest in country music. Winnipeg is also known as a Mural city, with over 600 exterior Murals painted in the last two decades. With this in mind, Brown-Forman Canada (led by Tracey Carrick) decided to paint their way to success. This is the first Mural which they have commissioned to increase Jack Daniel's profile."

"Originally this wall was planned for the Palamino Club on Portage Avenue but it was moved to the Chalet Hotel when it was discovered that the Palamino was undergoing renovations. Due to this move, much of the original imagery had to be altered to fit the new wall."

"Many Jack Daniels themed images were used in the Mural. The three barrels on the left show the inside of the distillery where many barrels are stored. Right behind the word "Jack" is a scene of two guys lifting a heavy barrel (Photo 2). This is also a Jack Daniel's brand photo. Inside the window of the Barrel Shop, three guys are opening the vault, or barrel which is filled with a dark, coal like substance (Photo 4). There are also several photos of Jack Daniels, the owner of the company hanging on the Barrel Shop store front. The Barrel Shop and Lynchburg are two stores which are in the same village as the Distillery. The first few letters of Lynchburg are on the store front to the right.

"The woodcut which is located in the window of the barrel shop was painted by myself but the other portrait located near the doorway was painted by my son, Manny Wiebe (Photos 9 & 10). My kids help me on occasion and one of the things I struggle with is determining what on earth they are going to paint. Knowing that my son enjoys painting small things, I thought I would give him the portrait of Jack Daniels. I thought he would be able to sit and paint that for as long as he wanted, while I work around him on other areas of the wall. This worked perfectly. The portrait of Jack Daniels was actually backwards so I had him white out the entire area and start from scratch. He painted it white and then drew it lightly using paint. This took him one afternoon then he came back about a week later and finished it. I purposed to leave it for him, so I could honestly say that the framed picture was done by him. Well one day when we got to that section, sure enough he sat down and got right to work. I had a meeting so I left him to fend for himself. Two hours later, I returned to find him sitting in the hot sun working away - and to my delight; a finished portrait, in full detail, almost completed. I was really impressed."

"The musical elements in the Mural came mostly from photo references I took at the Winnipeg Folk Festival but I altered them quite a bit to make them generic and therefore not depict any real people."

"Painting this Mural was a delight because it is located near Windsor Park, an area of Winnipeg which my kids and I previously lived. The kids and I awoke at 4 am many mornings to get ready for the day, drive in at 5 am and begin painting at 6 am. Hot humid days caused an early departure around 2 pm but it definitely gave us a workout as we assembled scaffolding daily. We chose to use a short, 30" scaffolding section to allow us to travel with the scaffolding in my van. The kids were a great diversion, insisting on slurpees and iced caps. Sonja was very helpful with the lettering because she was very careful and clean. Manny was not afraid of heights and he erected the scaffolding on the third level."

"I hope the community enjoys it for years to come."