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Cloutier Drive Underpass    Location Map

"The River Runs Through Us"

Location: underpass to Perimeter Highway at Kilkenny; East side.

District: St. Norbert

Neighbourhood: Cloutier Drive

Artist(s): Sarah Collard (Collard Creations)

Year: 2014

Sponsors: Take Pride Winnipeg!, Rivers West, St. Norbert BIZ, Cloutier Drive Residents' Association


Sarah Collard: "Entitled 'The River Moves Through Us', it represents a transportation theme which resembles a Trans Canada trail weaving through the area. Janice Lukes led a group who spearheaded a campaign to build a walking and bike path along Cloutier Drive and through this underpass. Since it is located on two intersecting roads, a transportation theme seemed apt. It was a substantial feat to collaborate with the entire community and get input from every source. All influences are featured in this wall and it truly represents who St. Norbert is both historically and currently."

"I tried to collage different kinds of renderings in one painting. For example, the red river cart is a simple, child-like painting referencing cubism or modern painting styles. The voyageur is rendered in a more realistic manner providing a contrast or juxtaposition of styles. Contrast is something I use a lot in my gallery work. I do it for fun and to add interest. When people see two opposing ideas in a composition, it makes them think. It makes me think."

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