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309 Wardlaw Avenue    Location Map

A three way collaboration between Dean Thomas (panels 1 & 3), Cyrus Smith (panels 2 & 5) and Pat Lazo (panel 4).

Location: NW corner Wardlaw & Donald; East Face

Occupant: Spectra Productions

District: Fort Rouge

Neighbourhood: River-Osborne

Artist(s): Pat Lazo, Dean Thomas, Cyrus Smith

Year: 2007

Sponsors: Graffiti Art Programming


Pat Lazo: "After hearing about the business and trying to come up with a theme, I had seen one of the other artist's drawings and I thought a could do a Pavarotti character screaming with a monitor for his head! It's just something I came up with- I'm not sure where it came from."

Cyrus Smith: "I was contacted about this wall which had already started. We went and visited the wall and noticed the columns that we could paint on. Dean had already started and Pat was also going to work on it. So I went home and I was thinking about visual and audio (pertaining to the production company there). I didn't know if they wanted anything specific to represent the business, so I started doing some silly sketches, like a microphone wearing a headset- but it looked nice. It was easier to do because of how separate each piece was, the panels."

"The Murals that I've done that are aerosol based can help people understand the art form in this city. The medium- not necessarily the art behind it, but the medium itself, is demonized in our fair city. So it's kind of nice to share what CAN be done with it."