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1090 Wall Street    Location Map

William Wallace, an icon of Scotland. Sterling Castle and the Scottish Highlands are in the background.

Location: W side bet. Sargent and Wellington; East Face

Occupant: Lancer Group International

District: West End

Neighbourhood: Sargent Park

Artist(s): Jennifer Johnson

Year: 2005

Sponsors: West End BIZ, Building Communities Initiative


Jennifer Johnston: "We wanted a theme here that had something to do with the business name, Excalibur; which has a medieval feel to it. West End BIZ did not have a Scottish themed Mural yet, so that's what was chosen. From there, I chose Sir William Wallace as the focus. August 5, 2005 was the 700th anniversary of his death. I finished the Mural just shortly after this date. So this wall was to commemorate him."

"This was my first Mural after taking a full year off from them. I really enjoyed it. It was a little unnerving at first because this was the first time for quite awhile I had worked without a partner. But it was exciting at the same time. The castle in the back is actually Sterling Castle, the site of the most successful fight he ever had. The small structure to the left of it is the Wallace Monument. For the scene itself, I spent some time in the library. Scotland itself, besides being beautiful, has a moody look and feel to it. Some of the photos I saw were absolutely stunning: the mountains, the colours and the vibrancy. I thought at first that since it was commemorative that it should be moody, like the movie Braveheart; but then I thought how nice it would look if you're driving down Wall street in the middle of winter and yet get to see some blue and green and a beautiful scene!"

"I wanted Wallace depicted in a warrior and victorious context. For both Wallace and his horse, I used dozens of image references; for instance, just to get the muscles on the horse, how Wallace is sitting on the horse, what would look right, the proportions of him to the horse, and so on. Also what I read about him: that he was bigger than the average man, that he had long red hair, piercing eyes. The clothing I put on him was from an artist rendering of him in the past. And I watched Braveheart several times! The horse was fun! I spent days on him, and I could have spent more days on him!"

"I wanted to add a trompe l'oeil effect with the cinder blocks. The trompe l'oeil was fun. Although there's not a lot of pedestrian traffic there, the people at the Portuguese centre next door knew me from my Mural there with Mandy in 2002 (see 1080 Wall) and would often visit."