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102 Victoria Avenue East    Location Map

Location: SE corner Victoria & Day; West Face

Occupant: Maggi's (formerly Whistle Pig Drive-In)

District: Transcona

Neighbourhood: Kern Park

Artist(s): Kristinn Walsh (unsigned)

Year: 2006


Kris Walsh: "Donna Byrne (owner of Whistle Pig) came to me last year (i.e., 2005) to do a painting here. We thought of several different ideas. The Whistle Pig is a drive-in, it's one of the last drive-ins in Winnipeg; and we wanted something reminiscent of the older 50's era. We initially thought of a drive in scene with cars and such, but then moved off that towards film and music icons- stars that are now gone. And that's what we did. I will be extending the scene in 2007, perhaps with Johnny Cash on the music side and James Dean or Clark Gable on the film side."

"I thought Marilyn Monroe was a staple of the 50's and 60's nostalgia and she needed to be up there. I don't have a lot of spare time, because I work at a fulltime job; so I would come say on the weekend morning and put one (figure) on, and then come back another time and add another. Since the portraits were done at different times, I rather like the look that gave- each one is different; some are darker than others. If I HAD done them at the same time they probably would all have been the same shade of grey; I like THIS end result better- there's added depth. I projected each of the images. It's a lot quicker and cleaner than trying to do it freehand."

"Lauren Bacall was one of my favourites to do as well, and Jim Morrison. When I first started I wasn't sure I could do it, with this particular technique of airbrushing. But each figure I did the process seemed to get easier and easier. Marilyn took a long time. Bogart only took me a few hours."

"I've done a lot of airbrushing for motorcycles, T-shirts, but this was my first Mural. Years ago, I learned from Ken Forbister and some others and I currently teach a course with him. I've never seen a business like here in Winnipeg where other airbrush artists are actually willing to help you and make you better and are not threatened by you!"