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385 Cork Avenue (1)    Location Map

Location: N Side between Salter & Hanna; at rear; North Face

Occupant: Margaret Park Community School

District: West Kildonan

Neighbourhood: Margaret Park

Artist(s): Lita Fontaine (unsigned)

Year: 2006


Lita Fontaine: "The school principal called me up and asked if I could do something to help them with their plans to have a butterfly garden at the back of the school. I immediately knew that this would be a butterfly Mural!"

"I used 3 wood panels; each one was 4' x 8'. I again used the Woodlands Group of Seven as my influence and inspiration, so the Mural is in that style. The number four is very significant in my work. My spirit name is Mikinaak-Equae- I am Turtle Woman. So there is turtle imagery in my work, which is one of the animals associated with the Seven Sacred Teachings of the Ojibway people. The school wanted me to incorporate some of the Seven animals- the buffalo, the turtle, the eagle. I also included the dragonfly."

"The colours here are of the landscape and flowers. You'll see a lot of this Ojibway floral pattern in beadwork and at powwows. You also see rootage coming out of the eagle feathers, kind of like a vine, representing growth."