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195 Young Street    Location Map

Location: NE corner Young & Broadway; West Face

Occupant: Apartment building

District: West End

Neighbourhood: West Broadway

Artist(s): Art City Youth

Year: 2002

Painters: Project Leader: Lisa Wood


Talia Potash (Art City): "Lisa Wood designed this Mural with the kids; it was a real group effort. We wanted to do something bright and about Spring. Right across the street from this Mural is a park which has recently been renamed 'Spirit Park'. The plans for the park are for there to be community gardens. There's also going to be a sculpture contests so that there will be a large piece of art in the middle of the gardens. There will also be a play structure for the kids. That's an important thing because that land is just been sitting for years as an eyesore and it's being transformed into a community gardens and into a place where kids can play. We think the gardens will be successful; and it's also an ideal location for this Mural of the flowers and the garden and celebrating Spring. The Mural went very quickly, and was completed in only a couple of weeks."