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472 Dufferin Avenue (3)    Location Map

Reid Edgeworth's third Mural for Neptune's Fisheries.

Location: SW corner Dufferin & Powers; East Face

Occupant: Neptune's Fisheries

District: North End

Neighbourhood: Dufferin Industrial

Artist(s): Reid Edgeworth

Year: 2006


Reid Edgeworth: "I'm using a limited colour palette in a lot of what I'm doing at the moment because I feel it has a harmonizing, calming aspect- there's a unity to it, a continuity. Art isn't reality, right? Art is using metaphors, it's symbolic- you're expressing things that you can't express through a straight realistic depiction. We know what we can see; and the artist is trying to reveal something deeper about what we're experiencing, not just what we're seeing. I wanted the viewer to be transported into a different experience. A painting takes you out of your daily experience. These colours are one way of separating you from the moment that you're living in."

"It started off as a labour oriented piece- I wanted it to be looked at as an important industry in Canada and an important part of our culture. I wanted people to see the work and toil involved in this business: the history, the muscle. But it ultimately ended up being more than that. I was also looking at the history of that company. The main figure is the founding father of that business. Three of his children still work there. In part, the Mural is a tribute to their father and his one boat; and his developing this idea into a thriving business. This is another thing that art can do- it can honour people and celebrate things. I had a few photo references of the father but the scene was an original composition. I also looked at lots of other pictures and of colours that seemed to express something, and went by instinct from there."