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109 Higgins Avenue (2)    Location Map


Location: NW corner Higgins & Gomez; South Face

Occupant: Graffiti Arts Programmimg

District: City Centre

Neighbourhood: South Point Douglas

Artist(s): Tamiko Chase Kavanagh, Rajsree Mandal, Taylor McArthur, Jasmin San Pedro (all unsigned)

Year: 2021

Sponsors: Synonym Art Consultation, Signex Manufacturing, Wall to Wall Mural & Culture Festival, Graffiti Art Programming


The 2021 Wall to Wall Digital Design Workshop, led by Tamiko Chase Kavanagh centered around the theme of Compassionate Communities and the workshop content was inspired by the Japanese practice of Ikebana. Through investigation of their own communities, each Mentee conceptualized, designed and illustrated a flower to represent aspects of their social and physical communities, as well as a flower to represent themselves. After learning design principles and software techniques, the students worked collectively on a final composition for the piece, making the Mural into a collaborative expression of each of their own identities and communities.

The Mentees for this piece were Rajsree Mandal, Taylor McArthur, and Jasmin San Pedro

Source: Synonym Art Consultation.