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160 Stafford Street    Location Map

Mural designed by Jeanette Jerome; rendered by Belle Fosh Signs.

Location: NE corner Stafford & Grosvenor; North Face

Occupant: The Canteen Coffee Shop (formerly Kim Arnell Massage Therapy)

District: Fort Rouge

Neighbourhood: Crescentwood

Artist(s): Jeanette Jerome, Belle Fosh Signs

Year: 1998

Sponsors: Grosvenor Square BIZ


Jeanette Jerome: "The Grosvenor at Stafford jobs were a lot of fun as they had to be authentic, so I had to go to the archives to try and dig out some information on what was there and how the building looked at the time. After days of research all I found was one lousy photo, but it helped a bit. I designed it in the old style with an early 1900's theme. The funny thing was that a streetcar had to be in the scene...which I was told later by someone in the neighbourhood ....never went down that street!!!! The artist at Belle Fosh that did the rendering of the artwork was Resti Manimtim."

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