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65 St. Anne's Road    Location Map

Location: NE corner St. Anne's Rd. & Imperial; North Face

Occupant: Viceroy Distributors (formerly SWAT Team Pest Services)

District: St. Vital

Neighbourhood: Glenwood

Artist(s): Mike Valcourt

Year: 1998

Sponsors: Take Pride Winnipeg!, Old St. Vital BIZ


Mike Valcourt: "This was for SWAT Exterminators. If you're an exterminator, you exterminate pests. One of the natural predators is the owl. This is the Great Grey Owl, Manitoba's bird. The vantage point is from that of a mouse and the owl is swooping down upon you. There's also a Manitoba sunset. I did a lot of blending and tried to make it look good. I also tried to include a bit of a conservationist viewpoint: the forest is burnt out; it's not just winter, but blackened out. The owl's wingspan is actually greater than this, but I drew him with his wings not fully extended."

"I like the way I painted each individual feather on the owl. I like to take portions of my Mural and throw in tons of detail in there, so that looks good not only from far away but there's also smaller details that the walk-by traffic can appreciate. There are two chickadees sitting in the tree. You can see each individual branch and each branch has a blanket of snow on it, and that looks really good to me! I put in a little higher contrast so it stands out. You can tell it's just snowed because you can see the little pine needles and little twigs stuck in the snow. On the left side I've also painted little paw prints in the snow. This really represents my love and desire to paint nature that way."