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141 Sherbrook Street    Location Map

Location: E side bet. Westminster & Sara

Occupant: Brave New World

District: West End

Neighbourhood: West Broadway

Artist(s): Michel Saint Hilaire (unsigned)

Year: 2000


Michel St. Hilaire: "This was a small wall and there were limited funds. The client didn't even see a sketch; she trusted me that much as she had seen my portfolio. The only guideline she gave me was to make it involve fashion and global culture. So that's what I did. I left the faces white and featureless just to say this could be anybody, and to follow an impressionist style. There's a world spinning behind the centre figure's head to represent the idea of fashion and design from all over the world. Two of the figures have little 'bursts' coming from where the ear would be- this represents the individual's chakra, or energy. Also, she (the client) goes to Thailand and India a lot, and I wanted something that would represent that, and I thought of having henna adornment designs along the one figure's shoulder and arm. They also have jewellery adornment as well in that store."

Michel also did a larger piece (5' x 7') of a market setting in a more traditional impressionist style inside the store for the client (photo 2).