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551 Sargent Avenue    Location Map

'World Cup Soccer: The Real League of Nations'
This Mural was unveiled on October 28, 2009.

Location: NW corner Sargent & McMicken; East Face

Occupant: X-Cues Billiards & Caf

District: West End

Neighbourhood: Spence

Artist(s): Charlie Johnston (C5 Artworks)

Year: 2009

Sponsors: West End BIZ, X-Cues Billiards & Café


Charlie Johnston: "The earth as a soccer ball! The design of the soccer ball is one of the designs for the 2010 World Cup to be held in South Africa. The colours and flags are representative of key soccer countries throughout the world, like Canada, Italy, Brazil, France, U.K., Cameroon, South Korea, Germany... The flags of the world are coming into the foreground from the planet soccer."

"Sal (the client) wanted soccer- they watch the World Cup; plus it is a really good fit with the International Villages theme of the West End. The World Cup really is a league of nations because soccer is so worldwide."

"I like that monumental 3-D approach to the main figure. He could be the captain of the Italian soccer team, but not really! It's more about the uniform than anything else. The crest on the uniform has four stars on it- a star is added each time they win the World Cup. That, and the dramatic moment when he's diving out.and catching the ball. He (the client) has a large Italian clientele."