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412 McGregor Street    Location Map

Location: SW corner McGregor & St. John's; North Face

Occupant: Manitoba Metis Federation Inc.

District: North End

Neighbourhood: Inkster-Faraday

Artist(s): Graffiti Art Programming/Graffiti Gallery, Fred Thomas

Year: 2005

Sponsors: Cris L. Aglulub (MLA Maples), Department of Justice Canada, Take Pride Winnipeg!, Dr. Jon Gerrard (MLA River Heights), Judy Wasylycia-Leis (MP Winnipeg North), George Hicks (MLA Point Douglas), Harry Lazarenko (City Councillor), Gord Mackintosh (MLA St. John's), Mike O'Shaughnessy (City Councillor), Doug Martindale (MLA Burrows), Mike Pagtakhan (City Councillor), Graffiti Art Programming