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286 Regal Avenue (1)    Location Map

The Mural measures 32 feet tall at its highest point.

Location: SE Corner Regal & St. Anne's Rd; South Face

Occupant: St. Vital Curling Club

District: St. Vital

Neighbourhood: Glenwood

Artist(s): Michel Saint Hilaire, Mandy van Leeuwen

Year: 2014

Sponsors: Take Pride Winnipeg!, Old St. Vital BIZ, Herc Rentals, City of Winnipeg


Jennifer Jones (remarks from podium at Mural Unveiling): "Thank you to everybody who came out today. It's still been a whirlwind ride. I can't believe that we won at the Olympics and we talk about it all the time- we pinch ourselves that it actually came true. Then we drive by the St. Vital Curling Club and see this amazing Mural which is absolutely spectacular. You're a little scared when your face is going to be a story high. And then you see it and, I think that's what we actually look like! I think it's beautiful; so thank you to Michel and Mandy for doing a tremendous job, for creating something that's going to last a lifetime, and on our wonderful Club."

"I have personally curled at this club since I was 11. I grew up in this Curling Club. I came to every Christmas Party, I sat on Santa's lap here, my daycare was here, I watched my parents curl. Back in those days I used to help wash the dishes in the bar. I don't know why but they let me do it! They would babysit me while my parents were curling. My whole life is memories of the St. Vital Curling Club. And I'm going to get emotional, because my Dad is the President here; they still volunteer here. The street that the Curling Club is on is named after our team, is unbelievable. So thank you to the mayor and the City of Winnipeg for that incredible Honour. To call it Team Jones Way is truly special."

"Because everything we've done is as a team, we've won as a team, we've lost as a team, we've hugged as a team and we've cried as a team. And I can't imagine achieving what they did without these five girls. And to recognize Janet our coach who put our great plan together- always behind the scenes and never really recognized. She's a huge part of our success, and one of the biggest reasons we stand here today. And Dawn and Jill and Kaitlyn are my best friends, amazing athletes and tremendous people. So Team Jones Way is something special for us and something we will remember for the rest of our lives. Who gets a street named after them- we do! It's crazy!

"Jill and I have curled at this Curling Club since 1992. To have the longevity, the special memories and the meaning and to always have the hospitality of the Curling Club which supports. And Annette (Giguere) I want to thank you in particular just because you've been there for absolutely everything. She's always at the airport, she's always at every function, she's always there to give us a hug. She's a big reason this Mural came to life and I just want her to know how special that is and to thank her for representing the Curling Club, for volunteering at the Curling Club, for ensuring its success and its longevity in the future so hopefully our daughters can curl here one day."

"I want to thank the St. Vital Curling Club and everything that it has done for our curling- for always opening up the doors, and when we have these crazy media requests and opportunities- for just supporting us! Thanks to each and every one of you for cheering us on. We always say that we are a really true team. In Sochi we won as a team, but we won also as a result of all the support from Canada and especially all of the support from Winnipeg Manitoba. We are so proud to put Winnipeg out there at the Olympics- to know that we came from Winnipeg, that we can withstand the cold, that we can do anything. And that's what Winnipeggers are all about."

"I want to thank Take Pride Winnipeg for being a part of this Mural and for having this as part of the community. I think it adds a great deal of beauty. I guess we're a little bit biased! I'd like to thank Hertz for supplying the lifts; for everybody for volunteering and the Financial support to help bring this to life; to the City of Winnipeg and to the Old St. Vital BIZ."

"Also I just want to thank you- this Olympic Dream is a part of each and every one of you that are here today. For all of the City of Winnipeg; for everybody in Canada that supported us- it's a dream come true over and over again today. Thank you to our families who have cheered us on forever, have volunteered forever and have made curling a part of our lives. I think with every one of us on our team- our parents curled, right? And I don't think any of us were forced to do it- we all wanted to do it because we loved it."

"So thank you to everybody. Thanks for making this a special day and for honouring us in this magnificent way. Thank you!"