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445 Chalmers Avenue (1)    Location Map

Location: NE corner Chalmers & Watt; South Face

Occupant: MCC Kildonan Community Thrift Shop

District: East Kildonan

Neighbourhood: Chalmers

Artist(s): Annie Bergen, Elmwood High School Students

Year: 2011

Sponsors: Take Pride Winnipeg!, Neighbourhoods Alive! (Manitoba), MCC Thrift Store


Annie Bergen: "This was a collaborative community effort between MCC and neighboring Elmwood High school. The Mural's theme is Mennonite relief work around the world. I worked alongside Briony Haig the school's art teacher, who made this whole thing happen! I worked with students after school to create the mural design, and then in the early spring we started painting. It was very much a community project. I had students from Elmwood, and kids from the community coming by throughout the day to help. It was a bit of a challenge in the beginning it is a very exposed southern wall, which meant intense heat and wind. It took a bit to adjust and adapt, but it did not take long before we created an inspiring, engaging atmosphere and people couldn't help but smile to see these kids painting in the sun. It was wonderful!"

"On rainy days, we worked in the school's art classroom to paint the birds. The birds were doves, a symbol of peace and also the trademark for MCC. My partner Lee cut the bird shapes out, the kids sanded, primed and painted them, and then we installed them in the end. It was a clever way to add extra depth to the Mural, and also to get the kids work up higher on the wall (without the risk of height and scaffolding, etc)."