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80 Salter Street    Location Map

The client for this 2004 Mural moved in 2006 to this location, and they took their Mural with them!

Location: NW corner Salter & Stella; North Face

Occupant: Seed Winnipeg Inc.

District: North End

Neighbourhood: Dufferin

Artist(s): Pat Lazo, Graffiti Art Programming/Graffiti Gallery

Year: 2004

Sponsors: Graffiti Art Programming


Steve Wilson (Graffiti Arts Program): "This project was an exchange of services and partnership between us and the client. They provided some services to us in the form of some financial and business planning and feasibility studies. In exchange we designed and painted this Mural for them."

"The Mural is representative and a metaphor for planting seeds and helping to create a community that will provide the best environment for the seeds to grow and flourish. It was designed by Pat Lazo and was painted by students of our Urban Canvas Project."