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156 Sherbrook Street    Location Map

'Sun Ice Spirit Level'

Location: SW corner Sherbrook & Sara; North Face

Occupant: Elan Hair Salon

District: West End

Neighbourhood: West Broadway

Artist(s): Nasarimba (Rachael Ziriada & Mikail Miller)

Year: 2017

Sponsors: Synonym Art Consultation, Wall to Wall Mural & Culture Festival, Graffiti Art Programming


Nasarimba: "This Mural is based from a drawing made this past winter. In previous Murals we have has a more 'freestyle' approach to painting walls, so it was a development in our process to have a map to guide our composition on this long, large wall. We took the opportunity to incorporate architectural elements of the wall such as the doorway, awning and windows into the Mural. The awning has a particular style which resonated with our love for the Art Deco movement of the 1920-30's. Much of the circular shapes, columns and stripes are a reference to this art style, which is echoed in a lot of the older buildings in Winnipeg. This piece experiments with colour fades and transitions as well as the use of fluorescent coloured paint. These colours pay homage to our shared 1990's adolescence. There is a particular clothing company that came out of Calgary during that period called SunIce which used vibrant, neon colour combinations in their winter apparel. Skiers and tobogganers could be seen blasting down the slopes in a flurry of bright, neon colours and if you're lucky you can still find these jackets in thrift stores. Lastly, our main objective was to add positive energy and a point of reflection for viewers. Our abstract designs lend to personal interpretation and create a space where people can lose themselves for a moment in the artwork. In our process, we borrowed a construction level which was branded the 'Spirit Level'. This brand name resonated with our experience of painting this wall. We received so many gestures of encouragement and appreciation, which added a richness to our spirit levels and we hope that is what our artwork can do for many in the community of Wolseley. This Mural, Sun Ice Spirit Level, is a gift to the people of Winnipeg from our hearts and minds.

Source: Wall to Wall Mural Festival

For information on Nasarimba, visit