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533 Sargent Avenue    Location Map

'Memories of Sargent Avenue'

Location: N side bet. Young and Langside; East Face

Occupant: Gojo Ethiopian Restaurant

District: West End

Neighbourhood: Spence

Artist(s): Bryn Vargas

Year: 2013

Sponsors: HRSDC Summer Career Placement, Spence Neighbourhood Association, West End BIZ


Excerpt from the Mural Unveiling Press Release, August 28, 2013:

The West End BIZ's unique Mural Mentorship program sees a University Fine Arts student create a Mural design and serve as Mentor to a local youth. Over the summer, youth participants aged 8-17, are taught basic painting skills and art techniques while creating a large-scale public art piece. The youth also learn valuable planning skills, how to work as a team and how a Mural can positively impact a community. They take away wonderful memories of their experience and a new appreciation for art. This experience can have a life-long positive impact for participants, especially at risk youth. A record 165 youth participated in this year's Mural. Our mentor Bryn Vargas will be available to speak about the concept behind the Mural and her experiences working alongside the youth participants.

"The community offered some history and their memories which really helped create the design. As the youth work on the Mural it evolves further as their own suggestions are incorporated," says West End BIZ Executive Director, Gloria Cardwell-Hoeppner. "It is a colourful look back and a story in itself."

Engaging our youth is critically important and our sincere appreciation is extended to Human Resources and Skills Development Canada who served as the supporting sponsor for this year's Mural Mentorship program. Additional thanks to Gohe for the contribution of wall space and support of the artist over the summer.

The West End BIZ Mural Program is award-winning and internationally recognized, having won the prestigious International Downtown Association's "Award of Distinction." WHERE Winnipeg Magazine also named the West End BIZ Mural Tours as one of Canada's Top Ten Attractions. To date, over 65 Murals have been created throughout the neighbourhood by the West End BIZ.

Gloria Cardwell-Hoeppner: ``This is the 69th Mural created under the West End BIZ award winning Mural program. It is the 11th year of the Mural Mentor Program, also award winning, recognized by the International Downtown Association in 2009 (Award of Distinction) This year we have been awarded the Award of Merit for our marketing and communications, of with the Mural Program is a part.``

``Our Mural Mentorship Program uses a University Fine Arts Student to work with local youth to create a beautiful piece of public art. This year we had a record 165 local youth participate in this Mural. Imagine that! 165 local youth learned basic painting technique; they learned about art; they learned how to paint a tree and how to make a person look better than just a stick person.``

Bryn Vargas: ``This Mural depicts a history of Sargent Avenue and fun places that people used to go; giving everyone a look into the past and what the area looked like. People can learn about the history of the area.``

``Starting from the right end, this is the storytelling of the History of Sargent Avenue. We have the grandmother telling the grandson and friend what it used to be like. From Central park there was Colony Creek ..(inaudible)..and the various activities there. The other circle depicts the Legion which is still there and a meeting place for Veterans of the War. Up top is Icelandic Community Hall built in 1906. Next is the location of Honeysuckle Bakery and which is representative of a lot of other bakeries that were in this area. Next is the Rose Confectionary which is connected to the Rose Theatre. Which is now a daycare. There were a lot of Western Films shown. The last one is the Sargent Park open air swimming pool.``

Gloria: ``One of the challenges of this wall was that we already had a flag on there; and credit to Bryn that she was able to come up with a design to incorporate the colours of the flag that already existed and that the owners wanted to keep. I think she did an awesome job. ``