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510 Sargent Avenue    Location Map

'International Cafe'
The second of 3 Mural Mentor projects by Roberta Hansen and Michelle Gamache for the West End BIZ in 2010.

Location: S side bet. Spence & Young, in back lane; East Face

Occupant: A Taste of India

District: West End

Neighbourhood: Spence

Artist(s): Roberta Hansen, Michelle Gamache

Year: 2010

Sponsors: West End BIZ, HRSDC Summer Career Placement

Painters: Jilesh, Tamara, Ricki, Simone, Rameonra, Bemnet, Mananyath, Randi, Robert.


This three panel Mural is based on the theme of Cuisine, showcasing a fictional International Cafe and streetscape. The cafe is meant to pay tribute to the West End and its wide variety of cuisine from around the world. The three upper windows peep into the ways in which people from different continents enjoy their country's cuisine. The first demonstrating a middle eastern family sharing a meal, the second is a Japanese woman cooling her soup and the third a Mexican fiesta complete with tacos and salsa! Below the cafe is frequented by individuals from various age groups and nationalities. This Mural was done in the summer of 2010, during the month of August as part of the Mural Mentorship program. It was an exceedingly hot month and the smell of Indian cuisine was constantly wafting from around the corner, serving as the perfect muse for this piece. The vibrant colours apparent in this piece were meant to transform an otherwise dull back alley into a vibrant and exciting portal into other cultures. Being on such a high traffic corner the Mural Mentors found that they really got to know local residents through the words of encouragement offered daily. The mural is inspired by cuisine, something enjoyed by people from every age and culture. So take a look, and Bon Appetite!

Source: West End BIZ