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117 Regent Avenue East    Location Map

"2005 Year of the Veteran"

Location: N side bet. Day & Kanata; West Face

Occupant: Royal Canadian Legion Transcona Branch 7

District: Transcona

Neighbourhood: Kern Park

Artist(s): Charlie Johnston (C5 Artworks)

Year: 2005

Sponsors: City of Winnipeg

Painters: A complete list of Sponsors appears below


Charlie Johnston (artist): "I want to thank all of the members of the Legion for calling upon me to celebrate their experience. That's what this is all about, really. Paul (Martin) kept telling me that he wanted the Mural to be an educational tool. I hope that that's what I did. Unlike other commemorative Murals, the focus of the Mural is to tell a world story from a local angle: the Transconians; the people who lived here, and their transition they went through from one life to another. I've never known any of these things except through the stories of my parents. When we were talking about and planning the design of this Mural, I was thinking about what it was like for those kids to go from one life to another life. Maybe imagining what it was going to be like and then the reality ending up something completely different. So I guess I was hoping to convey that meaning of the Mural from the gray black and white photographic type imagery on the bottom. Kids graduating from school and looking up at the sky and seeing what the future held for them through these archtypes of the soldier, the sailor, the pilot and the nurse. That was the main message of the Mural."

Paul Martin (Legion Member, Vet, Chair of Mural Committee): "On June 12, I had a dream. I brought it to the board executive and they supported it. We forged to go ahead with a mural- this was going to be our contribution to the Year of the Veteran. The concept of the Mural began. We started to select a Muralist. We looked at other Murals and were impressed with Charlie Johnston's work. It was a real pleasure; and we kept feeding Charlie with all kinds of information. Everybody had ideas. And we thought 'what is it we're trying to picture here?' I said from the beginning that it had to be something that would teach the kids. We want them to remember so that they never forget. That Mural to me depicts the history of Transcona. It depicts the beginning of the nation of Transcona to its culmination of heroes. We began at the school, at some of the shops, we joined the services, went through the war and came back. Now there's more to come- we owe something to the community and we will continue to give. Their contribution from the city by way of our city councilor Russ Wyatt was encouraging and a trigger to other fundraising. People gave, and said it was long overdue. I wonder sometimes if our grandparents came back if they would say 'well done' or 'you should have done it before'. We've done it now, for the Year of the Veteran. The year may be terminating, but that's not the end, but the beginning of remembrance. They did their best. By the grace of God, we're here thanks to them."

"The bike is a 1942 Harley Davidson (ed. note: Paul Martin used to ride one); the tank is a Sherman. this is a minesweeper, reminiscent of the HMCS Transcona. The school of course, is Central School; where we learned all the information; and where we answered the call with pride. At the right, the water tower, and smokestack from where we drew our employment. The school and the Transcona Shops provided the military with great heroes."

Additional individual sponsors: Doug & Lois Adams, Kim Adams, Martin Anndal, Sherry Armour, Darwin & Linda Armstrong, Gordon Ashcroft, Margaret Ashcroft in memory of Charles H Tyson, Gerry & Sharon Bailer, Shelaugh Ball & Sherrill Greenaway in memory of Eric Ball, Emily Bazylo, Albert & Marjorie Biebrich, Hon Bill Blaikie in memory of Robert N. Blaikie, Doreen & John Borud, Lily Bowers, Francis Buxton, James M. Buxton, Bruce & Marlene Candeline, Scott Chabluk, Jean Chapman in memory of Stuart C. Chapman, Murray Chapman in memory of Harry H Chapman, David Chester, Bill Dagg, Tracy Denchok, Gary E. Drall, Bunny Dromo & Ron Ralston, Tony & Janet Dyke, Colin Ellis, Harold Erickson, Willie & Marge Eros, Joe Fedoruk, Jim & Monica Fralter, Darlene Mathieson, Kenneth Galaschuk, darryl Galaschuk in memory of Leonard Galaschuk, Irene Galaschuk, Ray Gelean, Maurice Godin, Richard Glen & Jeffrey Greenaway, in memory of Andrew Mahood, Richard Giles & Jeffrey Greenaway, in memory of Robert Greenaway, Agnes & Ralph Grobowsky, Shelby Hanuschuk, Brian & Jill Hodgert, Edna Hunter, Marino & Verna Ingmundson, Muriel E. James, George & Dominic Jones, Darryl Kearney, Peter Kearney, Mabel Koch, Jean Kovac, Dennis & Penny LaPrairie, Chantal Laramee, Christopher Laramee, Jeff Lendrum, Craig & Donna Logan, Jo Lopuck, Joan G. Marjon, Dr. David & Helen Marsh, Paul & Gail Martin, Peter & Audrey Martin, Dr G. P. Maxim, Hilary Maxim, Mr. & Mrs.Doug McCutcheon, Jack & Betty McDowell, Frank McKendry, Doreen Melanson, Carol Moulin, Cecil & Evelyn Notley, Tom Panting, Lila & Wilf Parker, Rev. Edna L. Perry, Robert & Bev Peters, Arthur & Marcia Poirier in memory of Emile Poirier, Arthur & Marcia Poirier in memory of Eugene Poirier, Ross Poirier & family in memory of J. Henry Poirier, Manford Price in memory of Jean Price, Pete & Phyllis Prokipchuk, Evelyn Ralston, Gary Rawlings, Margaret Rice, Barbara & Murray Rider, Don Robert, Mitch Rochon, Jeanne Rudniski, Howard Schwarz, Mark Scott in memory of Marvin Scott, Victor & Sandra Seaton, Stella J. Smith, Leonard Squires, Martha Strachan, Sylvia Tibbs, Sandra & Lorne Tyson, George Walsh, Jean Wells, Cam & Leita Wortman, Sheryl & Jack Kolt.

Corporate Sponsors: ABC Power Tools, B & B Trophy Ltd., Frontier Toyota, Hammer Electric, J. David George & Associates, Keystone Ford, Park Pontiac Buick GMC Ltd., Regent Park Pharmacy, Royal Dodge Chrysler Corp., Royal George Hotel, Sew N' Seams, Toronto Dominion Bank, Sheila & Daryl Reid, MLA in memory of M. Christine Grierson, Transcona BIZ, Transcona Optical, Transcona Funeral Chapel Ltd., Transcona Credit Union, Vickar Community Chevrolet Ltd., Winona Restaurant, Wyatt Insurance, Veterans Affairs Canada.