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421 Burrows Avenue    Location Map

Location: NW corner Burrows & Salter; South and East Face

Occupant: MTS St. John's Central Office

District: North End

Neighbourhood: William Whyte

Artist(s): Annie Bergen

Year: 2014

Sponsors: Take Pride Winnipeg!, MTS Future First Program

Painters: Assisted by Siyee Mann. Painters: North End Women's Resource Centre Students, Neighbourhood Children, MTS Employees and Families


Mural of the Year 2014   

Annie Bergen: "When I first began painting this Mural I realized immediately that wall would have a high impact in this community. Traffic flowed by constantly and the wall was very visible from Salter Street. The traffic passing by and the many people residing in this area were so positive about this Mural - excited about the colourful addition in their neighbourhood."

"When creating the design, my intention was to compliment the architectural elements of the building. On Burrows, starting from the left hand side of the Mural, the scene starts off black and white - representing the past - taking place in the early days of telecommunications when switchboards were used for communication. The former entrance of the building, which is in-set to the building, I have created into the switchboard room the ladies are operating out of. "

The remainder of the Mural takes place in present day and represents Winnipeg. We have the MTS Centre, MTS Place - which is incorporated into the unique architecture of the corner of this building. In the front of the MTS building, we have a phone booth - another relic of the past. We also have a large computer and an old school telephone in the foreground. "

"On the Salter side of the Mural, we have houses which represent the community. The windows, which existed on the building, have been covered up, so I thought it would be a good idea to paint those up as actual windows in the houses. In the houses, we have scenes of families and people - in one window a girl is using a cell phone; another window shows somebody on a desktop computer. Another window shows a family -this young family lived in the neighbourhood and I saw them every day. They made a special request to paint their family, which I accommodated. There is a satellite in the sky that streams of colour and binary digits emit from all tele-communication components: telephone, computer, and switchboard - all connected and ultimately converge at the satellite."

"Siyee Mann helped me to paint this Mural. I am grateful for his help and companionship while working. Also I am grateful for support from Take Pride Winnipeg, and MTS for this wonderful commission. Thank you to Bob Buchanan and jury members of for the 2014 Mural of the Year Award. Thanks to MTS employees and their kids as well as other community members and groups who came in to help."