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221 Austin Street N (1)    Location Map

Location: NE corner Austin & Euclid; South and West Face

Occupant: North Point Douglas Women's Centre

District: North End

Neighbourhood: North Point Douglas

Artist(s): Graffiti Art Programming/Graffiti Gallery, Jill Ramsay, Erika Romualdo, Pat Lazo, North Point Douglas Women's Centre Patrons

Year: 2011

Sponsors: Western Paint, Graffiti Art Programming


Excerpts from remarks at Mural unveiling August 17, 2011:

Steve Wilson (Graffiti Arts Programmimg): "We're here today to offer this Mural that you see behind us on the North Point Douglas Women's Centre to the neighbourhood. We're so honoured today to be able to offer this Mural as a gift to the hard-working residents of this historic North Point Douglas neighbourhood!"

"This is the neighbourhood that has demonstrated the kind of resiliency that is the envy of many and a model for all! We hope that in some small way through this piece of public art that we can brighten your day a little bit, brighten the neighbourhood up a little bit, and bring people together a little bit."

"There's a saying that 'sometimes it takes a village to raise a child'. We've seen this caring and compassionate attitude every day in the neighbourhood here. But in this neighbourhood the opposite is also true: sometimes it takes a child to raise the neighbourhood; which is exactly what happened a few short years ago when a group of school children inspired and challenged the adults to rise up and create a truly transformative change. The kind of change that others can only dream of! The kind of change that neighbourhoods across the country aspire to have. No other neighbourhood in the province or the country have done what you guys have done. With hard work, cooperation, dedication, and sacrifice you've made this neighbourhood into a model and inspiration to neighbourhoods around the world. And we at Graffiti Arts Programming are honoured and truly grateful to serve a neighbourhood that holds its children in such esteem- a neighbourhood that can be inspired by children."

Jill Ramsay (Artist): "There are a number of really important symbols in this Mural. We wanted to thank the North Point Douglas Women's Centre consultation group who helped us who helped us determine exactly what we were going to paint on the building."

"The butterflies are a real symbol of hope and transformation. The hand is a symbol of helping each other out. The heart of the painting is split up by 'birch poles' which is supposed to represent the interior of a tee pee, a safe place. In each of the 5 sections we have representations of home, the river, a map of your community. We also have words of reflection and peace. I hope it is something that you will see something different in it every time you walk past it."

Elaine Bishop (NPD Women's Centre): "We are thrilled to have Graffiti Arts Programming put their Mural on our wall. It's something that we've hoped would happen for a long time. The way the community has come together and the ideas that people have put into this- this is your Mural as well as our Mural!"