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75 Noble Avenue (2)    Location Map

Location: N side bet. Henderson & Beatrice, traffic controller box on front lawn

Occupant: Traffic controller box

District: East Kildonan

Neighbourhood: Glenelm

Artist(s): Tom Andrich (Eclectic Fine Art)

Year: 2001

Sponsors: Take Pride Winnipeg!


This traffic control box is one of a series of boxes artist Tom Andrich has painted in various heritage scenes for the Downtown and Take Pride Winnipeg.

The artwork on this traffic controller box was rendered by Tom Andrich for the City of Winnipeg Public Works in 2001. It was removed from the street in 2009 when it became necessary to switch to a different style (bigger) controller box at that intersection. The box remained in storage until 2010 when it was donated to a private citizen, and is now at its permanent location on the front lawn of 75 Noble Avenue. The 2002 image (Photo 1) is from its original location in front of the CBC at 541 Portage. To view this box in its now permanent location, see photo 2.

Original notes concerning its original location:

This Traffic Control Box, one in a Heritage series by artist Tom Andrich, commemorates the history of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and is located right outside their offices on Portage Avenue.

Tom: "That was my idea of doing the CBC and the history of CBC. Because it was the CBC and I was reproducing their logos I had to have the right colours and the precise shade of red. I contacted the Public Relations Department and we went over some of the history. I had to have, include some French on there too, for the French CBC because Radio Canada is there as well. And I had to get approval first and show them what I intended to do."

"After the box was pretty well done I had them come down from the CBC, French CBC, Ron Robinson came down too; Ron had done a little radio promo on it. They totally approved everything at the end everyone was happy."

"I like the CBC box. My one regret with the box was I didn't check out the place it was going exactly beforehand. I never considered how tight it was going to be to the building and I didn't think about which side would be facing the building because they (city traffic maintenance) would be opening it on the sidewalk side, on the traffic side. If I had considered this, I would have changed the design slightly to present the more important elements. The large CBC logo is facing the building and it's the old logo that's facing Portage. I would have preferred a different orientation."