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710 Notre Dame Avenue    Location Map

'Nostalgic Notre Dame'
This was the first of three Mural Mentor projects undertaken by the West End BIZ in 2010.

Location: SE corner Notre Dame & McGee; West Face

Occupant: Roy's Florist

District: West End

Neighbourhood: Daniel McIntyre

Artist(s): Roberta Hansen, Michelle Gamache

Year: 2010

Sponsors: West End BIZ, HRSDC Summer Career Placement

Painters: Mailkah Micazz, Alyssa G., Chy F., Vicky B., Hanebal M., Aisha M., Sami B., Raul, Abdissa B., Habton A., Galata G., Vicky M, Kendra D., Dana Thompson, Darl. H, Christin Sinclair, Jazzmin, Chloe, Wanda Fay


This Mural is a playful streetscape depicting a visual montage of Notre Dame Avenue in the 1940s. Nostalgic Notre Dame pays tribute to some of the institutions and businesses that existed on Notre Dame during that period, such as the Winnipeg General Hospital (now known as Health Sciences Center) Jeanie's Bakery and Roy's Florist. This Mural was inspired by the Art Nouveau style where large floral shapes flank the borders of the painting and sweeping imagery is found within the piece itself. Nostalgic Notre Dame is a portal into the past, demonstrating a vibrant and active community as it was in the 40s. During the design process, it was necessary to research the correct costumes of the day and models of vehicles. The Mural was completed through the month of July and saw almost 80 youth participants through the Mentorship program. Among some of the local groups of youth to participate were: IRCOM, youth patients staying at HSC, West Central Women's Resource Center, CSI, New Directions and B&L Youth Services. The 2010 Mural Mentors were students going into their second year in the Graphic Design Program at Red River College.

Source: West End BIZ