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655 Rue Archibald    Location Map

A view of the South and the main East wall. This Mural is rather unique in that it wraps around both the North and South sides, allowing a "preview" of the wall for vehicular traffic travelling both ways along Archibald.

Location: W side bet. Prosper & St. Catherine; West, South and North Face

Occupant: European Art Glass

District: St. Boniface

Neighbourhood: Archwood

Artist(s): Mandy van Leeuwen

Year: 2004

Sponsors: Norwood Grove BIZ, Take Pride Winnipeg!


Mandy van Leeuwen: "This is a very whimsical kind of Mural. The clients were very open as to the kind of things that could be done. We're talking about types of design and I said 'why don't we try a stained-glass look'. I did up a drawing and they liked it. It's sort of a landscape and people sitting in front of stained-glass looking out into a scene of Manitoba fields and river or lake and nature. It's tasteful and a bit experimental."

The Mural, primarily on the East Wall features a wraparound, with a small portion of the Mural visible on the south and the North walls; as if to offer advance notice that there's a Mural coming (especially for south-bound commuters). Van Leeuwen designed it to have a stained- glass appearance, complete with the glasslike textures of the water, the fields, sky and clouds.

Mandy: "I spent time looking at pieces of glass they had in there examining the textures to inspire me on how the paint would go. This was an experimental, playful Mural that allowed me to do more of what I felt like doing. They gave me a lot of freedom to create something; because they are an art place and they understand the concept of making art. They wanted that feeling on the wall and they allowed the to come up with ideas which they liked, and I went ahead with."