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75 Noble Avenue (1)    Location Map

The artwork on this traffic controller box was rendered by Tom Andrich for the City of Winnipeg Public Works in 2000. It was removed from the street in 2004 when it became necessary to switch to a different style (bigger) controller box at that intersection. The box remained in storage until 2010 when it was donated to a private citizen, and is now at its permanent location on the front lawn of 75 Noble Avenue. This 2002 image is from its original location in front of City Hall on Main. To view this box in its now permanent location, see photo 2.

Location: N side bet. Henderson & Beatrice, traffic controller box on front lawn

Occupant: Traffic controller box

District: East Kildonan

Neighbourhood: Glenelm

Artist(s): Tom Andrich (Eclectic Fine Art)

Year: 2000

Sponsors: Take Pride Winnipeg!


This traffic control box is one of a series of boxes artist Tom Andrich has painted in various heritage scenes for the Downtown and Take Pride Winnipeg.

Original notes concerning its original location:

Since this one is located at Market and Main, Tom wanted the Old 'gingerbread' City Hall featured on it. Tom: "There's a model of Old City Hall model in the Winnipeg archives building on William so I went there and took photographs. They also have one up in City Hall, a bigger model so I took photographs of that. A lot of the painting was done from that model and from a postcard that one of the women from Winnipeg archives gave me, they used to hand them out as souvenirs."

"I used that postcard as a reference because I didn't have all sides of City Hall, right? It was a challenge for me how I was going to wrap City Hall on the Box. I didn't have photo references of all four sides to wrap so I ended up wrapping the front and to wrap the back so they'd look like the sides. It was an interesting problem: architecturally because you're looking at perspective you're trying to make people look at the image and then go around to look at the other side, that's the object of the art with these boxes with the four sides. And you also have to keep the perspective in there. That one turned out fairly successful considering what I was working with."

"When the city was working on the construction on Market and Main, some guy smacked into it with a backhoe. They had to take the top part off and re-weld it because it got all bent up, and in the process of welding some of the painting on the bottom got destroyed, so I had to repaint it."