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111 Polson Avenue (1)    Location Map

This Mural was commissioned in honour of Luxton school's 100th anniversary.

Location: N side bet. Main & St.Cross; South Face

Occupant: Luxton School

District: North End

Neighbourhood: Luxton

Artist(s): Annie Bergen

Year: 2007

Sponsors: Take Pride Winnipeg!


Annie Bergen: "I painted this Mural on panels at the Red Road Lodge, the former Occidental Hotel. This was the first major project i had undertaken out of our artspace (Spin Star Studio) at the hotel, so it's especially significant to me. The Mural depicts a bright collage of the school's diverse children, the building's heritage architecture, and a general history of the school itself. Using subject, style and color, I wanted to create a scene of celebration and spirit. At the time, I had just begun working as an E.A at J.B Mitchell School in River Heights, and the vibrant energy and beauty of the children definitely helped to inspire this scene that I painted for Luxton's Centennial."