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65 Granville Street (2)    Location Map

Location: Front (East) Face just left of Main Entrance

Occupant: Norquay Community Centre

District: North End

Neighbourhood: North Point Douglas

Artist(s): Tim & Connie Friesen (AVEC Arts), North Point Douglas Children

Year: 2009

Sponsors: Graffiti Art Programming, Manitoba Arts Council


Steve Wilson, Executive Director of Graffiti Arts Programming wrote a grant application to Manitoba Arts Council, which resulted in the MAC sponsoring this epic, 12.2 metre (40 foot) Mural. Graffiti Arts Programming brought in Connie & Tim Friesen as consultants to lead the youth and community members through this collaborative creative process from ideation to completion in four days!

Connie & Tim, co-founders of AVEC (an acronym for the Arts Vitally Enrich Communities), passionately believe in the power of co-creative art to put Unity into commUNITY!

Well over 100 people painted on this intensely colourful and meaningful piece of art. Even youth as young as 3 years old were very willing participants.

This 12.2 metre (40 foot) Mural begins with a girl swinging happily over an activity studded wheel that anchors a game board reminiscent of Monopoly; a basketball player ponders a shot; a butterfly freshly metamorphosed soars upwards. The anticipated new park play equipment makes a debut in paint. Healing medicine art attests to the health of this community. Balloons festooned with ribbons are afloat. The water park is there. A dragonfly darts as a young girl jumps rope in the park. All are activities that mark each day at this busy Community Centre.

Denis and Rita, the husband and wife team that are at the helm of this center, proudly painted alongside the youth. This Mural is indeed harvested from the heart of this dynamic and caring community!