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'Rainbow Stage Mural'

Location: The Rainbow Stage Theatre in Kildonan Park

District: West Kildonan

Neighbourhood: Kildonan Park

Artist(s): Michel Saint Hilaire, Mandy van Leeuwen

Year: 2011


Mural of the Year 2011   

A short video of this Mural may be seen at

A selection of comments from our Judges:

-"one of the most dynamic murals of the year"
-"the imagery flows naturally and has been masterfully pulled together"
-"very high profile venue which makes the job all the more challenging"
-"extremely difficult to cover such a large space while keeping the viewer interested"
-. "Its large scale. And whimsical nature. It's absolutely beautiful!"

-"This theatre tribute is dramatic and appeals to the senses, as the partnership of theatre and art should. It's a great reception to visitors of Rainbow Stage."

-"This makes the outside wall a destination and adds joy to the theatre!"

-"The Rainbow Stage mural completely wows you every time you go there, and has helped to transform boring walls into gorgeous pictures associated with the Rainbow Stage."

-"It's a beautiful addition to the park and a welcoming appetizer for those attending the theatre."

"I saw this mural in progress and knew it would be a contender for Mural of the Year. The theme of stage actors and forest setting clearly ties in with the theatre and Kildonan Park. I noticed the inclusion of the Witch's Hut, a park landmark, painted near the princess on the "day side" of the mural. The artwork is beautiful. The three masked faces grabbed my attention not only when I stopped to take in the detail of the mural, but every time I happen to be strolling by during a walk around the park. The masks, especially of the two females, are stunning. I like the sparkling gems on the one on the right (and the sparkling flowers.) The mask of the face on the left is so detailed and the plumage continuing onto the ceiling is interesting and eye catching. The size of the project, going around the theatre is very impressive. This mural has the wow factor that makes it number one."

"What doesn't this mural have? Immense scale, various scenes, beautiful artistry. From the distance the trees around Rainbow Stage act as a lush frame for the work. Unlike before, the building now draws people to it even when it is closed. A fantastic job."