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201 Weston Street    Location Map

Establishing shot of the GAP artwork on the rear of the Canada Revenue Agency building on Weston. This large 200' x 16' Mural is located on private property, but may be viewed without trespassing at the South end of Blaine Street.

Location: E side Weston (rear); on private property- may be viewed from the south end of Blaine Street

Occupant: Canada Revenue Agency

District: McPhillips-Keewatin

Neighbourhood: Pacific Industrial

Artist(s): Graffiti Art Programming/Graffiti Gallery, Danielle Winfield, Fred Thomas, Roger Crait, Jessica Canard, Matthew Svienson, Chad Reeves, Dave Macri, Nereo Eugenio II (Scenereo, Zorro), Pat Lazo

Year: 2011

Sponsors: Graffiti Art Programming, Public Works and Government Services Canada