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1111 Machray Avenue    Location Map

Location: W side bet. Machray & Huron; East Face

Occupant: Andrew Mynarski V.C. School

District: McPhillips-Keewatin

Neighbourhood: Mynarski

Artist(s): Annie Bergen, Andrew Mynarski School Students

Year: 2014

Painters: Angela Dionisio, Camila Funes, Vincednt Ballestra, KC Guevarra, Jana Almosara, Karl Santos, Princess Novilla, Cloe Cruz, Khadija Harb, Eljay Puyat, Samantha C., Anne Ocampo, Bea Deloria, Joanna Yumol, Kate Salazar, Nicole, Elllina Pe Benito, Justin Perez, JR Millar, Camille Bangayan, Nikka De Guzman, Julia, Claire Corpin, Lawrence Reyes.


Annie Bergen: "I worked on this Mural with a select group of gifted students. It was an absolute pleasure working with these talented kids. They were completely engaged and filled with such pride to be able to represent their school with this Mural project.

The students created the design and each element of the design was extremely well thought out. We have Andrew Mynarski, a hero in the Second World War who sacrificed his life in an attempt to rescue a trapped member of his crew. Mynarski was also a recipient of the Victoria Cross award in 1946."

"We had limited time to complete this Mural, only 5 days. However with the design already in place and an eager group of gifted students, we managed to complete the project within our time frame. This was a memorable experience because of the great pride and interest that the students showed, as well as all the school and community support."