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1069 Sargent Avenue    Location Map

'The Nation of Malaysia'.
This Malaysian themed Mural was one of two mentorship projects undertaken with neighbourhood children in the West End in 2006. The Mural Mentor for this beautiful rendering was artist Annie Bergen.

Location: NW corner Sargent & Erin; West Face

Occupant: Cookatoo's Restaurant & Lounge

District: West End

Neighbourhood: Sargent Park

Artist(s): Annie Bergen

Year: 2006

Sponsors: West End BIZ, ING Direct, HRSDC Summer Career Placement

Painters: Alex, Alia, Allysha, Amanda, Brendan, Brenna, Candace, Chantal, Courtney, Erika, Jenna, Jeremy, Jocelyn, Kamila, Kendra, Kyle, Levi, Lisa, Logan, Mariah, Molly, Niyyaz, Phoenix, Rene, Shaylin, Stephanie, Willy


Annie Bergen: "The Mural depicts a Malaysian cityscape and open-market place. The goal was to capture the diversity of cultures and the vibrant colours of Malaysia. Anna and Andy, husband and wife owners of Cookatoos, had a lot of great ideas that contributed to the design of the Mural. For example, the bright green frog in the foreground – believed to be symbolic of auspiciousness – and the depiction of the Petrona. A few traditional Malaysian art forms are depicted in the Mural include kite making, batik, and basket weaving."

"The children really took ownership of this Mural. They chose their own colours, added a ton of great details, and helped with the overall composition of the Mural. They younger kids enjoyed painting the bright floral foreground. The kids were eager to practice different painting techniques. They learned about achieving dimension through shading and highlighting, mixing colors and depicting dimension. In fact, the kids really shocked me with their natural ability to mix incredibly beautiful colours."

"Painting a Mural with kids has been incomparable to any of my former experiences with Murals. Working with these kids has been so much fun! I have wanted to be an art teacher since I can remember, but I always envisioned working on somewhat of a smaller surface. Painting with kids on such a huge scale was both challenging and very rewarding. It was very satisfying to step back with the kids at the end of each day to admire our beautiful wall as we could see it forming piece by piece. I am very proud of the kids for their effort and dedication. They have shown pride, creativity and commitment. I am so pleased to have gotten to play a role in such a beautiful community-oriented project."