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1188 Dakota Street    Location Map

Location: W Side Dakota south of Nova Vista; East Face

Occupant: Jonathan Toews Community Centre

District: St. Vital

Neighbourhood: River Park South

Artist(s): Fred Thomas, Graffiti Art Programming/Graffiti Gallery

Year: 2014


This piece was painted completed signed and dated by Fred Thomas in 2011 with Graffiti Arts Programming; with the intent of installing it at the Jonathan Toews Community Centre. It went into storage at the Graffiti Gallery where it remained for almost 3 years. After the Chicago Black Hawks won the Stanley Cup in 2014, Jonathan Toews was bringing the Stanley Cup back to Winnipeg, and it was decided to complete the installation in time for his arrival. The Mural was honoured during his appearance with the Cup, and he posed in front of it as well as signing autographs for thousands of fans that day (see Photo 3).

Although this piece is dated from 2011, our precedent is that the year date we use to denote a Mural is the year that it goes onto the Street. Thus, we refer to this wall as a 2014 Mural. -Bob Buchanan