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9 Higgins Avenue    Location Map

Location: W side Higgins at Point Douglas Ave 'T' intersection; Front (East) Face

Occupant: iDE Canada

District: City Centre

Neighbourhood: South Point Douglas

Artist(s): Annie Bergen

Year: 2017

Sponsors: Take Pride Winnipeg!


On August 28, 2017 iDE Canada unveiled a Mural celebrating their work with entrepreneurs in developing countries around the world. The large-scale installation depicts a lively market scene in Ghana, West Africa, one of six countries where iDE Canada supports the development of businesses related to agriculture and sanitation.

Beata Wajsowicz (iDE Mural Project Manager): "We provided Annie with actual pictures of market scenes that we work in, both in Asia, in Africa, and in Central America. The final rendering we have here is from these continents into one Mural. It's an important part of the economy of the local towns that we work in developing countries. What we really wanted to showcase the fact that even in the market where they are just selling fruits and vegetables- they are entrepreneurs! They are business people. Those are the people that we work with and that we support in increasing their income."

"I personally thought this building needed some colour to it! It was a bit drab on the outside. Then I went online and discovered that there are 23,000 commuters that drive by here every day on their way to work- so why not put up a picture of our work? Everybody was on board pretty much right away, A lot of people had opinions of what should go into it, so it took about 6 months back and forth with the stakeholders to get the final vision approved. It was fun getting everyone together."

"I went on your website and saw Annie Bergen's artwork and thought she could draw people really well and I wanted the focal point to be the people. Her artwork stood out to me. She has just moved her studio to an old church now and this was her first project in the new studio. And she delivered just what we asked for!"

Annie Bergen: "I found the subject of the Mural relatable since I consider myself an entrepreneur. I am an artist and my family sells honey at our local market. I know how much support is needed to create a business. On a personal note, I used to live in Point Douglas. It's great to see my art enhancing the streets of my old neighbourhood."

Stu Taylor, CEO, iDE Canada: "Our Mural says entrepreneurs are everywhere but this is more than a catchphrase for us. In the communities we work with, we see impoverished people as innovators and creators, not objects of charity. Although our work takes place in other countries, this artwork is a wonderful addition to the community and a reminder that work on international development is taking place right here."

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