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239 Portage Avenue (Transit Box)    Location Map

"Ride Through Town"
One of 7 Transit controller boxes in 2008 commissioned by the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ for public art. In this split screen image all 4 sides of the box may be viewed.

Location: N side bet. Notre Dame & Garry; Transit Controller Box

Occupant: Transit Controller Box

District: City Centre

Neighbourhood: Portage-Ellice

Artist(s): Sarah Collard (Collard Creations)

Year: 2008

Sponsors: Downtown Winnipeg BIZ, Take Pride Winnipeg!


Sarah Collard: "This one is circa 1950, Portage Avenue. A young boy rides his bicycle through the busy street observing the buildings nearby. Nels Todd, Sky Chief Gasoline, Empire Life Insurance Company and a shoe company are some recognizable logos."

"This Mural is done in an impressionistic manner with loose quick strokes. The wrap around image suggests movement through time as the lively colours weave in the surroundings. This box took about 4 short days to complete. It was getting cold moving into November and the sun would hit the box only for a couple hours. The rain came and stopped setting me back a couple days so even though it was only 5 above I would still paint, mitts, long johns and all. I soon understood the meaning of the windy corner as my paint thinner spilled on several occasions and my drawings went flying into busy traffic. It kept the experience interesting!"

"This one is meant to show the history of transportation from bicycle to buggy, tram to bus. It is four-part wrap around of one historic scene; a boy riding his bicycle past parked cars through town. It highlights the progression of traveling with bicycles, horse and buggy, cars, trams and buses."