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444 Burnell Street    Location Map


Location: W side bet St Matthews & Ellice behind Community Centre

Occupant: Orioles CC Pool House

District: West End

Neighbourhood: St. Matthews

Artist(s): Ben Clarkson

Year: 2008

Sponsors: HRSDC Summer Career Placement, West End BIZ, Neighbourhoods Alive! (Manitoba)

Painters: Brendan Moore, Niyyah Ashegh, Anthony Linton, George Roy, Gerard Magno, Courtney Kszwiecki, Caitlyn Strarger, Dillion Dacunlia, Laura Leather, Evan Morris, Leo Argel, Michael, Nico Lanz, Malik Harb, Danico Yeni, Stac Harder, Hannah & Natasha Lester, Kyanna Giles, Thanh Ngyah, Braydon, Emeilid, Lanz, Collin, Mary, Kayla, Senica.


This 2008 West End BIZ Mural Mentor project focuses on the Icelandic community's contribution to the Canadian identity; and includes the West End's own Winnipeg Falcons hockey team.

The east facing wall was painted to resemble our country's flag, focusing on three individuals - Konnie Johannesson, Frank Fredrickson and Slim Halderson while they compete in activities important to the Icelandic community. This includes Icelandic folk wrestling (glima), playing on the Winnipeg Falcons Olympics medal winning hockey team, and piloting bomber planes during World War I. The south facing wall came about at the initiative of the participating youth, who depicted an outdoor scene with various characters skating and playing hockey on an ice rink.