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1200 Jefferson Avenue    Location Map

Location: SE corner, Jefferson & Sheppard; West Face

Occupant: Seven Eleven

District: North Inkster

Neighbourhood: The Maples

Artist(s): Rachel O'Connor, Wayfinders Youth

Year: 2012

Sponsors: Take Pride Winnipeg!

Painters: Lovina, Othello, Michelle, Christian Mariano, Ravi Sehira, Claire Pineda, Ruthanne Lantina, Christel Casbal, Melissa Beady, Alex Meyers, Charina Duenas, Randy, Doanvir, John Lucero, Tanina Sambilay, Beatrice Laki, Awit Marcelina, Chezne & Tayanne, Rajvir Sehira, Jamie J., Muabb Mille, John Singe, Maye Nonato


Rachel O'Connor: "While working at Wayfinders Manitoba (a non-profit organizations that offers tutoring, mentorship and post-secondary opportunities to high school students) I proposed the idea of painting a Mural over the summer with a group of about 20 students. The main objective of the Mural was to create a design where everyone, regardless of artistic capabilities, could participate."

"Stencils became an obvious choice -they can be easily executed and look great! I decided to place the portraits into a bright cubic background. The initial idea was to show stencilled portraits of anonymous ethnic figures which would represent the multicultural character of the neighbourhood. I got all the students to pick out the portraits that they wanted then showed them how to convert them into stencils using Microsoft Word. A lot of the students chose to pick out rock stars instead, however, Take Pride Winnipeg requested to stay with the initial multicultural plan.

"We decided that, rather than choosing anonymous portraits, we would pick international heroes and icons (including Canadians). The final selections were: Albert Einstein, Terry Fox, John A. Macdonald, Nelson Mandela, the Afghan girl (National Geographic), Neil Young, Aung San Suu Kyi, an Aboriginal chief, an African girl, a monk, Cindy Klassen, Freddie Mercury, Wayne Gretzky, the Dali Lama, Walt Disney, Mother Teresa, Jose Rizal, Muhammad Ali, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King." "The final product is a beautiful, vibrant mural that represents and honors the cultural diversity of the Maples."