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519 Sargent Avenue    Location Map

Location: N side bet. Young & Langside; South & West Face

Occupant: Asia City

District: West End

Neighbourhood: Spence

Artist(s): Reid Edgeworth

Year: 1999

Sponsors: Winnipeg Development Agreement, West End BIZ, Project Peacemakers


Commemorative Plaque: "The Vietnamese mural is attributed to the Vietnamese settlers who arrived in the West End in 1975. It is our way of honouring them for the contributions they have made in building and creating this multicultural area of the City of Winnipeg. They have earned our respect, and the Mural is our way of saying thanks. We commend their achievements and resolve that we will try to follow them in action and attitude."

"For this, we set aside this special place in our community, a site that is part of our history and serves as a Memorial to their labour and sacrifice, to be remembered for generations to come."

Reid Edgeworth: "Vietnam is divided into three distinct cultural regions, each with its own unique geography, architecture and customs. Traditionally, each region is represented by a female icon wearing a costume associated with her region. The composition of the Mural focuses on the three figures with the hope of capturing a sense of the mystery and beauty surrounding Vietnamese culture. The placement of the three figures echoes their location on the map."

"The southernmost figure appears closest to the viewer. She carries an umbrella and wears a traditional flowing tunic (Ao Dai). Rice farming, one of the major industries of the south, is represented through the image of the lone farmer working diligently in the field. On the far left is the Ben Thanh supermarket-a familiar sight to the people of the south. Above the doorway of the supermarket is a tiny version of the map of Vietnam. Below the supermarket is an inspirational Lotus flower known for its beauty."

"The north is represented by the figure at the northernmost point of the Mural. She has her hair tied back and is wearing a traditional Three Flaps dress (Ao Ba Ta). Nearby is the One-pillar Pagoda (Chua Mot Cot), which is known for its unique architectural design. Below the temple is a small glimpse of the terraced farmland that is associated with the north."

"Wearing a student's dress and a Classic Conical Coolie hat, the figure on the right represents the central region. She is standing in front of the Celestial Lady (Thien Mu) Pagoda. Lush forests and cascading waterfalls are found in this central region. Vietnam's extensive eastern coastline is represented through the small sailing boat (Thuyen Buom) with the bright orange sail."

"Each figure is graced with the portrait of a young woman from the Vietnamese community of Winnipeg. Each woman was chosen for her upstanding character and bright future. The portraits tie the traditions of the old world to the heritage of the next generation in Canada."

"Kelvin Tran was the liaison between the Vietnamese people of Winnipeg and myself. Kelvin was a great help in insuring the appropriateness of the imagery."