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Whellams Lane (1)    Location Map

Location: N side; South Face; at pedestrian entrance to Peguis Trail

Occupant: Bergen Park

District: North Kildonan

Neighbourhood: Kildonan Drive

Artist(s): Dennis Bell

Year: 2001

Sponsors: Take Pride Winnipeg!, City of Winnipeg, Winnipeg Foundation


Dennis Bell: "I came up with the clouds to represent a history or passing of time. The people are walking out of the clouds. I didn't want to put a scene in; I wanted to capture that ghostlike feeling of the people, these early settlers, coming out of the clouds, which represents their memories, backgrounds or past. Now these are either new settlers arriving to live here, or they could be settlers from north of here (like the Selkirk area) arriving to sell their goods; it's not specified. I wanted to show a mix between the native and the immigrant. I put a big beard and mustaches on the immigrants; the woman and the child are very 'native' in appearance."

"This one took about eight days. With four different murals side-by-side at this site going up, I didn't want the walls to come across as 'too busy', so I kept this wall fairly simple. It was a south wall, a lot of sun, very nice. A lot of seniors who live in the area dropped by and said how nice it was that there were Murals going up in this area. For the oxen itself I photographed the bronze ox statue at Assiniboine Park as a photo reference, but I changed the face a bit."