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460 Assiniboine Park Drive (4)    Location Map

Wide angle view of tiger enclosure.

Location: Tiger Enclosure, Zoo

Occupant: Assiniboine Zoo; Tiger Enclosure

District: Charleswood

Neighbourhood: Assiniboine Park

Artist(s): Charlie Johnston (C5 Artworks)

Year: 2002


Charlie Johnston: "I was doing this one the same time I was doing the horseracing mural (831 Portage Avenue) and right after the monkey enclosure, so there was a real animal series there. I use the climate that was natural to them which is same as ours basically. I chose a fall scene. I did a maquette of a Siberian tiger in amongst poplars and evergreens. There's a watery element in it too because Siberian tigers are one of the few cats that like water. For the tiger on the wall I used a portrait of an old tiger at the zoo who's now deceased I believe."

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