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430 Langside Street    Location Map

'Opening Doors'

Location: W side Langside bet. Furby Pl. & Ellice; South Face

Occupant: Magnus Eliason Recreation Centre

District: West End

Neighbourhood: Spence

Artist(s): Dimitry Melman Komar, Magnus Eliason Recreation Centre Children (unsigned)

Year: 2016

Sponsors: Spence Neighbourhood Association


It was over a year earlier that Dimitry had began and set out on this undertaking that would pictorially embody the spirit of the Spence Neighbourhood Association (SNA). He already lived and worked in the West End with his company, Mosaika.

Dimitry: "It took a while just to get to know the community. I attended SNA meetings here just to get to know people and the youth and get a feel of what we can do here."

"(With mosaic tiles media) you can create a nice picture but to me it was important to put history and some connection between the local neighbourhood, and the number five became very important. Originally SNA originated with five individuals. They went into the neighbourhood and started renovating and improving the local community. The name of it is Opening Doors, so that's what you see."

Five silhouettes and five doors are depicted, along with the elements Dimitry felt were emblematic to the neighbourhood- sports, education. good housing and helping hands working together.

"By the end of the project I felt like I had a new family because all of the kids know me. In fact they had a nickname for me-Mosaic Dude- so it's as simple as that!"

One of Komar's other outdoor mosiacs is shown in the Other Outdoor Art section at 30 Maberley Road.

Source: Canstar Lance