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2160 Wellington Avenue    Location Map

"Team Spirit."
This eyecatching Mural is practically the first thing visitors from the airport inbound sees.

Location: Sargent by Airport, S side; North Face

Occupant: Budget

District: St. James

Neighbourhood: Airport

Artist(s): Charlie Johnston (C5 Artworks), Dave Bezilla, Graffiti Art Programming/Graffiti Gallery

Year: 2001

Sponsors: The Rotary Club of Winnipeg West, Graffiti Art Programming

Painters: Jeff Burling, Melissa Honke, Richard Manoakeesick.


Steve Wilson (Graffiti Art Programming): "This all started when Leonard Asper made a comment in the local media about the way Winnipeg looked to visitors arriving from the airport. In response to Mr. Asper's comment, the Rotary Club decided to sponsor Murals along the corridor from the airport to downtown. The original concept of this Mural was somewhat different than this; it was a much simpler downtown Winnipeg design, and then it got changed into this photo-real depiction of the three major sports franchises in our city. It's a beautiful Mural to greet visitors to our city."

Charlie Johnston : "With this one I had 24 hours to get a design together and get reference images from all three teams and put together a design for a meeting at the airport. For Milt Stegall, I used the popular image of him from the Blue Bombers web site. With the Manitoba Moose I was lucky because they just gotten back a bunch of pictures that they were going to use to design hockey cards. The picture of (Kevin) Orga I got off the Goldeyes website."

"That was an airbrush job because of the textures of the wall were not amenable to brushwork so, aside from laying out some base of colours, we pretty much did the whole job with airbrushes and paint sprayers. Dave (Bezilla) was perfect for this project because he's an airbrush artist; almost all his work is airbrush. This is one we did in conjunction with the Graffiti Gallery. "

"This one took us three weeks. It was late in the season. It was snowing when we signed it. It was actually because of the Athletes Wear Mural (see 145 Market ) that this design was chosen. I did up some designs for them and met with them and showed them my portfolio; the second they saw the Athletes Wear Mural they said we want that! It became a good promotional item for the three teams. Dave did the portrait of the Manitoba Moose player, and I did the other two."