Each year, we lose some good outdoor art in Winnipeg. For the year indicated, here's a last look at, a last goodbye to some of the artwork that has disappeared that year.

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1021 Winnipeg Avenue   

This was GAP's very first commercial contract for Knight Bros. It was rendered in 1999 by Pat Lazo, Fred Thomas and Patrick Wong. The building was demolished in 2008.

Original notes follow:

Steve Wilson (Graffiti Art Programming): Fred Knight gave us our first big Mural and this represented our first real chance in the Mural business. We worked to really closely with him on this; we made a number of changes, additions and revisions. There are three separate images of the gorillas, which are the Knight Brothers trademark; one being Fred Knight and the other being his brother. They're all done freehand by Pat (Lazo) and Fred (Thomas) with no projector, no gridwork; they did it all freehand with spray paint which is truly amazing. Fred actually designed the gorillas on the surfboard (photo 2) and the gorillas breaking out of the wall (photo 3). Mr. Knight then used that design of the gorillas breaking out of the wall on one of his trucks. It's just a testament of the amazing graphics and skills of these two young men.

We did use the projector to put the logos on the wall. All of the logos were done by a young artist named Patrick Wong. We actually worked until late November on this wall.

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