Each year, we lose some good outdoor art in Winnipeg. For the year indicated, here's a last look at, a last goodbye to some of the artwork that has disappeared that year.

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58 Albert Street (1)   

This terrific wall was rendered by Jason Doll in 1995, with the sponsorship of Exchange District BIZ and Western Paint. It had deteriorated oveer tiem and was painted over in September of 2007 with a new Mural.

Original notes follow:

Jason Doll: "I designed this to be seen from Albert Street (photo 2) and by the pedestrian traffic. There is such an angle on the building and to make sure it worked, I stretched out the far side of the Mural where the vintage car is. Most people would not be viewing it from straight on. You can see from your photo (photo 1) how I elongated the width of the back of the car, right down to the exhaust pipe."

"This was done early on before the whole Mural scene in Winnipeg really kicked off. They were having a real problem on this building with graffiti. I was contacted by the Exchange District BIZ. This guy's building was getting tagged every night, it seemed."

"At this time in my animation career I had done several projects for Sesame Street and some work in independent film, along with the first Manitoba Moose commercial; and worked in and studied traditional animation. Winnipeg has long been known for its animation community."

"I had pretty free reign for design of this wall - it was more of 'what can you come up with' than 'do this'. They (i.e., Exchange BIZ) didn't want something that tied into the restaurant that could be misconstrued as advertising, as the restaurant owners weren't contributing. I did spend some time working the design into the contours of the building; but, other than that it was just things that I wanted to do, put in, and try out! The characters on the wall were all original and I've not used them since."

"I used a rough grid. The design of it wasn't so rigid- I knew where I wanted certain elements but there was some room for play. I just concentrated on getting the placements right and the size relationships right."

"I enjoyed working there! I wasn't sure at first- when you're animating you're spending a lot of time alone inside at your table; so I was used to the quiet solitude of it. This was quite different. There was very little money for it and I was using my van as scaffolding. That was another thing, too- I could only paint the bottom half of the Mural during the day because the parking lot was being used; so I would paint the top half at night. Late at night I would meet all types of people. Everybody took an interest in what I was doing. This was a learning experience and I was enjoying it. None of it was really a problem and I wouldn't have complained about a thing. If there was one thing I would have wanted it would have been to have the wall properly prepped. They didn't want to do that as they didn't know if taggers would respect the Mural or not. So I took photos of it when it was first finished for that reason. But it's been left alone for the most part."

For more animated fun with Jason Doll, view his website here.

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