Each year, we lose some good outdoor art in Winnipeg. For the year indicated, here's a last look at, a last goodbye to some of the artwork that has disappeared that year.

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29 Marlene Street   

This graffiti style Mural was rendered in 2002 by Owen Carpenter, Ian August and Tom King. Other painters who assisted were Mathew Prevost and Devon Code. It was painted over with a new Mural in 2006. Original notes on this Mural are below-------

Jane Brenner (Marlene Street Kids Program): "This one was done with the help of the Graffiti Arts Gallery. We had a gentleman, Owen Carpenter from there come out. That was our first wall. He came to teach the boys about doing a Mural. For that we got funding through Manitoba Housing, the City of Winnipeg, and from our MLA, Nancy Allen. Since she has been in office, (MLA Allen) has supported us in so many projects. That design was made by Owen; for Tom and Matthew that was their learning wall and they helped out on it, but really it belongs to Owen. We wanted something like that- the planets, and then he put a little Canadian flag up there; and then I said a little bit of graffiti art style was OK so that's what they did. It actually turned out rather well."

Tom King: "Owen was dancing. He was a happy kind of guy- he was down to earth and I liked him. We had a good time."

Steve Wilson (Graffiti Art Programming): "It was a great experience for the young people and it showed them and a can of spray paint can be used for something more positive. When you get permission beforehand and plan on a mural you can do something great with a can of spray paint!"