Each year, we lose some good outdoor art in Winnipeg. For the year indicated, here's a last look at, a last goodbye to some of the artwork that has disappeared that year.

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847 Notre Dame Avenue   

'Folklorama 50'.>br> A highly detailed Mural commemorating 50 Years of Folklorama.
Photos 2-8:Detail shots; Photos 9 & 10: Mural unveiling: Photos 11-14: In progress shots.

This beautiful artwork was rendered in 2019 by Mandy van Leeuwen and Franklin Fernando; with sponsorship by Dulux Paints, Herc Rentals, Take Pride Winnipeg and West End BIZ. In 2022 the Mural disappeared from view when a new building was constructed right against this one; though technically it still exists.
Original Notes follow:

Mural of the Year 2019   

Mandy van Leeuwen "When I was invited to create this project, I knew I had to consider many factors; not only did I have the exciting challenge to develop a concept that holds the importance of celebrating a multitude of cultures, also, the wall chosen needed significant repairs. It was clear that the project would input a renewed appreciation to the current streetscape and already enriched cultural neighbourhood, but also at a location that appeared rightful for the tribute. I was honored to be asked by the West End Biz, Take Pride Winnipeg and Folklorama to collaborate on a concept that would celebrate the world's largest and longest running multicultural festival that marked 50 years in 2019. The artwork concept was informed by past photographs chosen to highlight cultures in a way that would stand together - without borders. Folklorama's colorful block letter scene is set in a Manitoba landscape featuring a road to Winnipeg. Other elements include objects and icons that commemorate the city's multicultural community."

"It was important that the Mural have longevity, that meant getting the wall ready for new layers of paint that would eventually allow for several weeks of the Mural creation that was timed to coincide with the festival's anniversary. The first week was spent on the wall's preparation; it was heavy-duty work to power-wash and hand scrape old loose paint, some patching and then priming. A number of helping hands joined to assist in this process, as it was a wall in a state of disrepair that was considered as a big challenge to renew."

"Following this preparation, I looked for assistance in the creation of this grand-scale project and met with Winnipeg artist Franklin Fernando. While he was new to Murals at the time, I was instantly drawn to his artwork portfolio and passion for art. Working with Franklin brought memorable sustenance into the spirit of the work as well as an exciting creation that blended our artistic styles. Through the long hours spent working in hot Manitoba summer heat we can both attest that the making of this project will forever hold a new artistic friendship and a lasting shared experience that can only infuse further positive transformations."

"Working in an outdoor urban setting has aspects that you just can't plan for, such as encountering the aftermath of an incident from the night before. This promotes a hyper awareness of the site's surroundings and places great importance on safe work practices while conveying respect to the area, in hopes to contribute positively to what was previously left in a decayed state. As this process unfolded, many members of the community visited and cheered us on, other moments were unnerving. We enjoyed our daily supportive visits from our new friends at Laufman Reprographics, who were enthusiastic and appreciative of the art being created on their building. That said, each Mural I have developed is unique to the neighbourhood it is created in and offers a kind of connection with passers-by that can't be found in a private studio or gallery, making it an experience for both the public and the team behind the work."

Folklorama Mural Content:
F- First Nations Tipi Scene (Photo permission by Andre Brandt)
O- Irish Dance attire (Photo 2)
L- Tamil Dance (Photo 3)
K- Hungarian Bottle Dance (Photo 3)
L- Israeli Dance attire (Photo 4)
O-Ethiopian (Photo 4)
R- Chilean, Argentinean (Photo 5)
A-Polish embroidery/beads (Photo 5)
M- Brazilian Headpiece (Photo 6)
A-Mexico Sombrero (Photo 6)

Items in the scene:
- Winnipeg city skyline
- Chinese dragon
- Folklorama 50 passport
- Greek vase
- Folklorama Lama
- Ukrainian head dress
- Japanese lanterns
- African drum
- Filipino Umbrella
- Viking Hat
- Scottish bagpipes
- - Argentinian fine wine
- Slovenija wine barrel
- Portugal Rooster
- Metis sash
- Perogy
- Four leaf clover- Irish
- German stein
- Russian doll
- King Tut- Egypt
- Maraca- Caribbean

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