Each year, we lose some good outdoor art in Winnipeg. For the year indicated, here's a last look at, a last goodbye to some of the artwork that has disappeared that year.

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353 Langside Street   

   'Life on Langside'
This artwork was rendered by Roberta Hansen and Michelle Gamache in 2010. Sponsorship was provided by West End BIZ, Take Pride Winnipeg and HRSDC Summer Career Placement. The artwork was lost on February 2, 2022 when a fire destroyed the entire building.
Original notes follow:===

This mosaic of a Mural was completed during 2010 by Mural Mentors Michelle Gamache and Roberta Hansen. The mosaic style is representative of all the pieces which make up the whole of this community. The four part theme of this piece is "Live, Work, Play and Learn" which describe daily life as it happens on Langside. Literally tying the theme together is the clothesline running through the separate pieces of the Mural, showing that above all else this street is a home to many. The three smaller panels strung together (Photo 3) illustrate various objects relating to "Live, Work, Play and Learn." The style of art is somewhat surreal yet pays tribute to renovations and street enhancement, University life, Sports, community gardening and living in general. Below the main segment of the Mural we find a panel of welcome mats, reading "Welcome" in various languages; Swahili, Vietnamese, Punjabi, Portuguese, French and Chinese (Photo 2). The welcome mats are meant to symbolize that this is home to a rich diversity of residents on Langside. Above the mats hangs the main segment of the Mural where life as it occurs on Langside is portrayed. Featured in this piece is U of W's McFeetor's Hall, home to both students and local residents, the MERC spray park, the local coffee shop, and of course all the individuals and families who call this street home. The swirling tree branches pay tribute to the mature greenery found on this street, hinting at the notion that although we may be diverse, in the end we are all living under the same roof.

Source: West End BIZ

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